The Bitcoin & Crypto Glossary

Taught by Elda Ellis

Course Content

“The Bitcoin & Crypto Glossary”



Acquaint the Interpreter with nascent terms related to the intersection of the LawTech, RegTech, NFT’s, DeFi, CeFi and tokenomics.

Practice DeFi, Tokenomics, NFT’s and more techy terms  in they appear in court proceedings

Participant will be able to create a crypto and all blockchain glossary hands-on


This seminar touches upon nascent terminology related to law & the new tech of Smart Contracts. Throughout this session, our objectives will be to learn and identify token terminology, visualizing smart contracts, and its role in judicial proceedings.

Court Interpreters &
Certified Translators

3 Units of Continuing Education 

approved by

State Language Access Programs for court interpreters certified in most states of the USA,


CA (30) CIMCE 

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