Cryptocurrency Lingo for I&T's

Instructor & Non-Instructor Led

Course Content

“Cryptocurrency Lingo for I&T’s”


Learn in depth about different blockchains and cryptocurrencies jargon.

Acquire resources to develop glossary

Learn about the  Bitcoin fork class action case vs “Coinbase”


In a linguistic maze of crypto-words, the path for the Interpreter needs to be clear.

The Interpreter will be able to strengthen their comprehension and familiarity of different blockchains cryptocurrencies, forks, airdrops and ICO’ terminology by reviewing a Class Action cases and easily digestible, extensive range of resources.

Court Interpreters &
Certified Translators

3 Units of Continuing Education 

approved by

State Language Access Programs for court interpreters certified in most states of the USA,


CA (30) CIMCE 

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