Bitcoin Wallet & Other Cryptos Terms

Taught by Elda Ellis

Course Content

Bitcoin Wallet & Other Cryptos Terms


Acquire wallet related lexicon

-Explore more specific lingo related to wallets & its application in civil & criminal cases

Identify mistranslation of wallet terminology using real court cases

-Create a cryptowallet


Bitcoin & other cryptocurrency Wallets and Public/Private key terminology will be taught in-depth.

In this session, the Interpreter will acquire an understanding of crypto-wallet lexicon through the resources provided. Exploring the key terms, wallets and the court cases. 

Interpreters and translators learn and identify proper translation of this jargon in the courtroom, as well as other contexts.

Court Interpreters &
Certified Translators

3 Units of Continuing Education 

approved by

State Language Access Programs for court interpreters certified in most states of the USA,


CA (30) CIMCE 

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