"Bitcoin, Stablecoin & S**tcoin Terminology”

Instructor & Non-Instructor Led

Course Content

Bitcoin, Stablecoin & S**tcoin  Terminology”



Learn about LawTech, FinTech is & its relation to court interpreting & translation

Visualize and get acquainted with the different digital coins, tokens and platforms

Interpret/Translate the newly learned terminology shown in court cases



Learn about the coins and FinTech terminology, and practice by reviewing real cases.

Developing the Interpreter’s knowledge regarding many cryptos, coins & bitcoin is the best way to understand the digital assets lingo, as presented in the courtroom. Therefore, by developing this basic knowledge through self-led practice in these engaging exercises, the Interpreter will have the confidence to interpret and translate  terminology related to this merge of financial and the latest, newest technology i.e., FinTech

Court Interpreters &
Certified Translators

3 Units of Continuing Education 

approved by

State Language Access Programs for court interpreters certified in most states of the USA,


CA (30) CIMCE 

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