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About Elda Ellis

Elda is a “Certified Court Interpreter” based in California, where she has worked in the legal system for two decades, and a Certified Bitcoin Professional” . Ms. Ellis has an impressive array of feathers in her cap. She is also an educator who specializes in courtroom protocol for court interpreters, Bitcoin, blockchain forensics, Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, IoT, Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, Tokenomics, LawTech, RegTech and FinTech lexicon in court proceedings. She is an educator, speaker and consultant for Court Interpreters and professionals who interact with language, law, cryptocurrency & blockchain professionals.

Ms. Ellis is the founder of Translating Worlds by EYE Legal Language Solutions. “When Accurate Interpretation Matters”.

She continually updates her skills by taking and providing education on a variety of topics and always striving for professionalism. Elda’s devotion to her work and ethics has received recognition when her two-part article “Simplifying the Code of Ethics” was published by The Daily Journal in 2009.

Ms. Ellis’ expertise and knowledge place her as a field leading instructor with an instinctive ability to teach and interpret accurately and professionally. She takes great pleasure in sharing her knowledge as a speaker and a Continuing Education Provider in the United States, as well as internationally, as a Certified Bitcoin Professional.

Elda Ellis’ passion for world travel has molded her into a global citizen, broadening her perception of communication across cultures in our multilingual world. The wealth of experiences traveling has bestowed on her, together with her further endeavors of studying with chefs, which had her featured on an international cooking channel, have immersed her in multiple cultures.

Traveling aside, Elda constantly strives for self-improvement through healthy living and philanthropy. When she’s not lifting weights, Ms. Ellis has been giving back to the community through volunteering with bilingual children; along with Patrón, whom she trained to receive his K9 Good Citizen & BARK Therapy dog certifications. She is now devoted to connecting different worlds through her diverse knowledge and love of languages, children and dogs.

The wisdom that Elda has gained from her many life experiences gives her the ability to bridge the communication gap to the professional world, where she now applies those life-lessons and professional expertise she has accrued.

Certifications & Education

Certified Court Interpreter
Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP)

Monterey Institute of International Studies (advanced court interpretation)

Los Angeles California State University Court Interpreting Program

Southern California School of Interpretation

University of Hong Kong

Blockchain at Berkley

About Translating Worlds